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-====== OSG Tips and Tricks ====== 
-===== Submitting a Job ===== 
-<code bash> 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ cat 
-echo "​Hello,​ World!"​ 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ globus-job-run​jobmanager-fork /bin/sh -c 'echo $OSG_APP'​ 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ globus-job-run​jobmanager-fork /bin/sh -c 'mkdir -p $OSG_APP/​engage/​mfenn'​ 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ export MYDIR=/​export/​osg/​app/​engage/​mfenn 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ globus-url-copy file:///​home/​mfenn/​ gsiftp://​​$MYDIR/​ 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ globus-job-run​jobmanager-fork $MYDIR/​ 
-GRAM Job failed because the executable file permissions do not allow execution (error code 72) 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ globus-job-run​jobmanager-fork /bin/ 
-sh -c 'chmod +x $OSG_APP/​engage/​mfenn/​'​ 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~$ globus-job-run​jobmanager-condor $MYDIR/​ 
-Hello, World! 
-===== Condor-G Example ===== 
-<code bash> 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~/​osgce-test$ cat job.submit 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~/​osgce-test$ condor_submit job.submit 
-Submitting job(s). 
-Logging submit event(s). 
-1 job(s) submitted to cluster 182338. 
-...Some time later... 
-<code bash> 
-mfenn@engage-submit:​~/​osgce-test$ cat out 
-osg004 ​ 
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