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Welcome to my personal website. Below you will find my resume and academic publications. There are also links to some of my sysadmin HOWTOs.

I am an alumnus of Clemson University. I am currently a Systems Administrator at D. E. Shaw Research, LLC.

I contribute to various open source projects:



  • D.Turner, M. Fenn, and M. Murphy. “Pulley: Secure Administration of Virtual and Remote Computing Systems.” 52nd ACM Southeast Conference (ACMSE '14), Kennesaw, GA, March 2014.
  • L. Stout, M. Fenn, M. Murphy, and S. Goasguen. “Scaling Virtual Organization Clusters over a Wide Area Network using the Kestrel Workload Management System.” 4th International Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distributed Computing (VTDC 2010), Chicago, IL, June 2010.
  • L. Abraham, M. Murphy, M. Fenn, and S. Goasguen. “Self-Provisioned Hybrid Clouds.” 7th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications (ICAC 2010), Washington, DC, June 2010.
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  • M. Murphy, B. Kagey, M. Fenn, and S. Goasguen. “Dynamic Provisioning of Virtual Organization Clusters.” 9th IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid '09), Shanghai, China, May 2009. (21% acceptance rate)
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White Papers

  • M. Fenn, L. Calderin, J. Nucciarone, and V. Argod. “Evaluation of iWARP versus InfiniBand Performance.” 15 Nov 2011. Available Online.
  • M. Fenn, J. Holmes, and J. Nucciarone. “A Performance and Cost Analysis of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Cluster Compute Instance.” 10 Aug 2010. Available Online.

Invited Talks

  • M. Fenn. “iWARP Performance Study.” 2012 Ethernet Alliance webinar series. 17 Oct 2012. Available Online.
  • M. Fenn. “iWARP Learnings and Best Practices.” 2012 OpenFabrics Alliance International Workshop. 28 Mar 2012. Available Online.
  • M. Fenn, V. Argod, and V. Agarwala. “A Vision for an Integrated Degree Program - a BA/BS and an MA/MS in Computational Science.” Supercomputing 2010. 15 Nov 2010. Available Online.

Successful Grants

  • National Science Foundation. “CC-NIE Network Infrastructure: Accelerating the Build-Out of a Dedicated Network for Education and Research in Big Data Science and Engineering”. 10 Sep 2012. Vijay Agarwala et al. PI, M. Fenn SRP. Total amount: $497,178.


These HOWTOs mostly contain tips and tricks for virtualization, cluster, and grid computing.

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